Euniece Harris

I design websites 🕸, speak a little Swedish 🇸🇪, and teach myself web development 🖥. 


2021 ++
  1. Rivanna
  2. Eureka Biblioteket
  3. MLK Week

2020 ++
  1. Friendship Circle of Virginia

Design Work

  1. Reading Zimbabwe


Eureka Biblioteket

Eureka Biblioteket is a website diary of my journey learning both web development and the Swedish lanauge. This project includes side web based projects, sketches based on facets of Swedish culture, and diary entries.

Client: Myself Role: Designer and Learner
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Mission ++

A personality trait that I want to improve on is being better at following through even when the task is huge. If I’m having trouble with a tough subject such as programming or language, specifically the Swedish language, the battle to persist through it is at a minimum tumultuous. As a result, this frustration inhibits my ability to learn and comprehend, which in turn leads me to interrogate the nature of learning.

Solution ++

To accomplish this, a single website is developed that shows a vast collection of topics learned, whether it be web development or Swedish related, through a library shelf type format that is anecdotal and informative. Also, I want to tell the story of how I learned web development through creative means in a way that was accessible and exciting for me.