Euniece Harris

I design websites πŸ•Έ, speak a little Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ, and teach myself web development πŸ–₯. 


2021 ++
  1. Rivanna
  2. Eureka Biblioteket
  3. MLK Week

2020 ++
  1. Friendship Circle of Virginia

Design Work

  1. Reading Zimbabwe


Friendship Circle of Virginia

Friendship Circle of Virginia is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, VA that aims to create an inclusive community by facilitating friendships and social opportunities for people with and without disabilities to connect through meaningful social experiences at home and throughout the community.

Client: Friendship Circle of Virginia Date: November 2019-2020
Role: Designer and Developer Visit site >>

Mission ++ 
This project first started as a group project for an interdisciplinary web design class. Our team of three worked on the identity system for Friendship Circle including the color scheme, typeface, and overall layout of the site.

Branding ++

Solution ++
The end of the semester came and I decided to continue working on the website for Friendship Circle as an independent study. My tasks were to continue working on the navigation, page structure, accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and gathering content