Euniece Harris

I design websites 🕸, speak a little Swedish 🇸🇪, and teach myself web development 🖥. 


2021 ++
  1. Rivanna
  2. Eureka Biblioteket
  3. MLK Week

2020 ++
  1. Friendship Circle of Virginia

Design Work

  1. Reading Zimbabwe


Hey there! — 

Thanks for visiting my site! 

My name is Euniece (Yoo-niece) Harris and I’m a web designer from Virginia Beach, VA currently based in Richmond, VA. I’m an advid learner of web development and currently earning my Certificate from Harvardx for Web Programming. I’m also learning the Swedish language. 

If you want to reach out to me or get my resume, don’t hesitate! Here’s my email! Looking forward to working with you.